dwaine heinrich
Heinrich and Company is a multiple line insurance adjustment company established by Dwaine Heinrich at Jamestown, North Dakota on October 6, 1980. Since that time the company has grown to a total of four offices strategically located throughout the state of North Dakota.

From the office of Jamestown, we serve portions of the south central as well as southeast North Dakota. Our Devils Lake office, serves the north central and northeast areas of our state. From our Minot office, we serve the northwest area of North Dakota as well as portions of north central North Dakota. Our Bismarck office covers the southwest portion of North Dakota as well as portions of central and south central North Dakota.

It is our goal to provide prompt quality service at a competitive price to our insurance company clients and their customers as well as to self-insured accounts. Services offered include liability investigations of all types, auto damage and heavy equipment appraisal services as well as the investigation and adjustment of property losses.

We also have extensive experience handling large volumes of catastrophe losses from the many natural and other disasters that have visited us on the high plains in past years. Our knowledge of local factors and communities is vital to the adjustment process.

Individuals selected for employment by Heinrich and Company are so selected with the understanding that they must possess three fundamental characteristics required to do their job properly. Those characteristics are honesty, reliability and a sense of urgency. It is our company's position that regardless of technical or other skills no one can properly do their job in our business without possessing these three main characteristics. This is what we offer you along with the technical expertise of our valued and dedicated employees. If your search is for prompt, competent investigation, adjustment, appraisal or other claim service in North Dakota your search ends here.

If you wish to assign a new loss please consider our easy to use online new assignment forms which are provided for your convenience. If you would like additional information, please contact me directly at: DwaineH@hcadj.com.

Dwaine Heinrich